N+1 – Part 2 – Dizzy

Following on from Cora…

May I present – my very first full bike build, my Azonic DS-1 – Dizzy!



Like mug shots! For those of you who know, Hope hadn’t yet released O2s, X-Lite had just released a seat QR with a removable lever, 9 speed had just come on the scene and Roger Musson still sold Wheelpro wheels (so technically not my first full build!) Sorry Martha!



A skate park, somewhere…

Quarry Mark-Jump

The old quarry on the chase, jumping off the top over my friend… as you do…


This bike was surely all I needed? It could do Dual Slalom (DS-1), trails, trials, street, dirt jumps, skateparks and pretty much anything I could throw at it, right? As a 16 year old with indestructible wrists and boundless energy there was nothing this bike couldn’t do.


This seriously blurry photo is a jump we were temporarily allowed to build in the back garden… It started as a tree stump and had an uphill run up on a gravel lane before turning into the garden at the last minute!


She had been hard fought for, Birthdays, Christmases, paper round, pocket money, all ended up going towards Dizzy.

Anyway, she got stolen. Not something I want to dwell on. Locks are only ever a deterrent.

So I was back on my Mum’s green drop frame Raleigh, doing my paper round, pooling my money together…still trying to dirt jump… Fortunately, she was insured, but these things take time and when I went off to uni, I couldn’t take Mum’s bike, so instead…

Part 3 – 11:59, 24/12/18, Christmas Eve

Chris out.

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