N+1 – Part 13 – Storage

So, obviously, you end up with N+1 bikes and storage….or partners become something of an issue. The very best away to get around this is to find a partner who loves bikes just as much as you… And use a few ingenious storage solutions! It helps if you consider your bikes to be decorative masterpieces of art when they’re stored, at home or *gasp* in the garage :-O

I’ve been lucky enough to end up with Evi, Cassie, Connie AND Cora all with me up here in York – all tuned up and ready to rock!

But first, our storage solution in a London flat, with no shed or garage! This is our living room!


So, you’ve already met Evi and Cassie, but here are two of Claire’s bikes too – Lexi and Alien!

This actually took up waaaay too much space, so we re-arranged and ended up with this instead.


So, on the other side of the room, we staggered them so they could be put closer together using either magical levitation….OR, putting toolboxes under the two road bikes!

Oh, and Clugs! To hold the front wheel! Genius!

And…that’s about it…

I think.

At some point, Claire (Or I) will probably cover Claire’s multitude of bikes too!

So you know what to look for…

Alien, Princess Marshmallow, Princess Candyfloss, Lexi and Kylie…

Oh, and one last thing

ALL of our bikes have a surname. McBikeface!

of course…

Hope you enjoyed the multitude of posts!

Page 1 – 11:59, 22/12/18

Chris out.

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