Spoke Dokey Bikes came about because Claire and I wanted to run a bike shop when we retired.

It seems we got impatient, so here we are, many years before retiring, starting up a bike shop.

Instead of renting a shop, filling it with stock and taking out loans, we thought it best to start small, offer something unique and see where we get.

We decided that a “Just In Time” approach was a good starting point. This means that we don’t hold much stock – just a few items, and we order in what we need as and when.

Instead of a shop, we’re using our home. I’ve got workstands, tools, music and everything I need close at hand.

This might seem like the cheap option, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done properly.

  • Spokey Dokey Bikes Ltd is our company registered at Companies House.
  • http://www.spokeydokeybikes.co.uk is our website.
  • chris@spokeydokeybikes.co.uk & claire@spokeydokeybikes.co.uk are our emails.
  • 01423 619620 is our business number
  • 07733 102698 is our business mobile number
  • We are registered with IZettle, so can accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express, JCB, Union Pay, Diners Club – contactless and Chip&PIN as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • We have public liability insurance.
  • We have British Cycling Ride leadership qualifications.
  • We have valid First Aid certificates.
  • We have a Health & Safety policy, a Risk Register, Safety data sheets, Technical documentation, Equalities policy, Best practice guidelines and qualifications.
  • We are ICO registered and comply with all GDPR.
  • I’m an experienced mechanic – to get things running straight and narrow!
  • Claire is an experienced accountant – to keep us on the straight and narrow!
  • We both love and live bicycles!
  • We’ve got branded hoodies & t-shirts!
  • We’ve got a bright red van, with branding and a specialist built in bike rack!
  • We’ve got a 2m and 3.5m flag!!

A bit about Chris;

I’ve got extensive cycling experience. If you want to read more check out my Blog post “Experience”.

Needless to say, I service all the bikes we have. They have all been built, stripped down and rebuilt by me. The Reverb and the Fox have been torn down and rebuilt. The Synapse has had a full strip down, internal cables re-routed and BB30 bearings replaced. The other frames have all had headsets and bottom brackets fitted. There is my own handbuilt wheel still running on one of the frames from a few years ago.

I love living in Yorshire, I love cycling and all the benefits of cycling. Being able to make a living from my passion seems like an ideal situation! Claire and I are very happy to welcome you to Spokey Dokey Bikes!

A bit about Claire;

I also have extensive cycling experience. I am a Breeze Champion, a ride leader for British Cycling, I have a Brompton, a Trek Roscoe 8 mountain bike, a Trek Lexa road bike with Campagnolo wheels and recently I got a Cannondale CAAD12 Disc with full Dura-Ace. Now a fully paid up member of the Aluminati! I have the unenviable job of being the Accountant, Company Secretary, Director and Co-Owner of Spokey Dokey Bikes! The biggest challenge will be keeping Chris in line!

I have been an accountant, specialising in charity for the past few years. But I’m also a fairly decent mechanic, ably taught by Chris over many years.

A bit about us both;

We met in London where we were both living (& riding). We moved to the “The North” because it’s better. Every Friday we make a cocktail, take a photo & post it to Facebook. It nearly always features Claire sat on our gigantic red sofa, holding both cocktails and grinning. It always features the dogs – who are hairy beasts. We don’t work on bikes if we’ve been drinking. We do mix business and pleasure!