Hire Bikes

We’ve got 11 hire bikes! In keeping with our quirky values, the bikes are all different, a right mixture!

We’ve got;

Trek Gents Road bike with 2×10 gears – 24″

Trek Ladies Road bike with 2×8 gears – 21″

Scott Mountain bike with 1×9 gears – 19″

Vintage Kona steel bike, singlespeed – 19″

Revolution Hydrid bike with rack, mudguards and 3×8 gears – 18″

Charge Steel singlespeed, with mudguards – 23″

Quella Darwin Fixie – 19″

Raleigh Zest Ladies bike with 3×8 gears – 17″

Raleigh Marina Ladies bike with 3×7 gears – 16″

Bianchi Infinito with 2×10 gears – 20″

Felt mountain bike with 3×10 gears – 18″


And 6(?) helmets in a couple of different sizes, styles and colours….

Our price is £15/day with a helmet and a lock.

We’ve also got a few route maps and tourist guides to help you on your way!

Book our bike out here!


Building on our massive fleet, we’ve also got 8 “nearly there” including a 24″ wheel bike for the smaller riders and 4 small children’s bikes, which just require a couple of minor tweaks… for when we have time!