The Joys of Music – unless I go off on a tangent again…

The question should really be what tangent i’m going to go off on…

No – Musical joy! [Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper] I have worked in workshops with music, and I have worked in workshops without music. I prefer the former, and as i’m now running my own workshop, I have plenty of music on!

Having said that, for diagnosing some problems, or truing wheels, or sorting brake rub, or setting a mudguard….or chain rub….ok, sometimes, whenever I can, I have music [Head Over Feet – Alanis Morissette] on!

We bought an Echo, ummm 2(?) years ago, whilst in London. I have a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, I love streaming music – especially if I can play pretty much anything. On the other hand, it’s yet another female in the house who doesn’t listen to me, bringing the total to four! (Alexa, Amber, Lucky and of course Claire!) Still, the joy of music outweighs [Love The Way You Lie – Rihanna & Eminemineminem] Alexa’s disobedience! Apparently in the US they have a voice training feature! Why do we miss out? Maybe then she would understand my incoherent mumbling? [This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race – Fall Out Boy] (Can you see how this works?)

I should probably do an Amazon Echo link what with the associate thing going on an’ all that!

[The Hell Song – Sum 41] Claire is a big fan of music too, but apparently, she is also a fan of adverts! Despite having all this music on tap, frequently I’ll roll out of bed to the dulcet tones of Ben Fry on Minster FM….! [I’m Not Okay (I Promise) My Chemical Romance].

It was Claire’s Christmas party on Saturday and I saw the effect music had on a room full off accountants/officers/managers/others – definitely nothing to do with a drink (or six…) [Firework – Katy Perry]. Music is simply brilliant, there always seem to be the right song for a situation. Probably.

I’m lucky enough to know some fantastically talented musicians – mainly friends from University – who never cease to amaze me. I don’t have a musical bone in my body, so I’ll leave the music to them and stick to claiming I’m an artist with the Allen keys instead!

Sadly, I find myself currently with no bikes in the workstand, which is a bad thing. So despite having the music on [Hurricane – Something Corporate] we’ve not attracted any more punters! On the positive side, I now have new front brake pads, which *might* not squeal like banshees as soon as they even detect any damp/humidity! Also, Claire [I’m Not Your Hero – Tegan & Sara] needed her tubeless tyre sealant topped up, so I managed to get some jobs done, albeit FOC ones!

I forgot what random tangent I was going to go off on.

Christmas is nearly here! This means after Ben [Always – blink-182] Fry had finished the onslaught of cheesy Christmas movies begins! (Strictly only at the weekends – you know, when Claire’s here!)

It also means thinking of nice, personalised, thoughtful, useful gifts. This year has been a bit simpler – of course everybody wants a Spokey Dokey Bikes Hoodie! Robin (my brother) then decided if it didn’t have a zip for quick escape he didn’t want one – but did want a bike service. He clearly [Seven Nation Army – White Stripes] didn’t listen to the “Mates rates are for established businesses only” thoughts being throw around in the board room (Nana & Grandpa’s living room!) last weekend. Still, if it keeps him on a bike (which I built for him a few years back) then great! (See extremely fuzzy featured photo!)

I promised Martha (Claire’s “Evil” Step Mum (Mom?) – who is great, and lives in Mississippi) a guide to bike terminology [Bittersweet – Sick Of Sarah) but as I’ve rambled on a bit, it might have to be the next post.

Which leaves me to say, [Want You Bad – Offspring] wow. Well exactly that really! We want your custom bad, come book your bike in! This is a link.

[Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional] Chris out.

(I’ve gone back to edit and read through, which I always seem to neglect, which means [Mountains – Biffy Clyro] [The Science Of Selling Yourself Short – Less Than Jake] [Mr Brightside – The Killers] [Here It Goes – Jimmy Eat World] [Time is Running Out – Muse]! Done!

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