First 2 weeks in the Spokey Empire

When I turned up for my first meet with Claire, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of Spokey Dokey.

A house in a quaint village, a living room forged from bike parts, and two small pooches eagerly sussing me out- quite the culture change from a warehouse of staff and bikes at Orange.

However, the labour of love from Claire, and the overwhelming ambition she has to grow the business, its absolutely something I had to be part of.

I am very aware I have big boots to fill from Chris, and having never met him, its clear to see that he was held in very high regard from the entire customer base. I have also found it incredibly inspiring with the resilience that Claire has to continue with such determination and strive to achieve more and grow the business, despite the devastating circumstances.

My first couple of weeks has been a mixture of meeting new faces, bike repairs, business planning and trying to ensure our blind shop dog, Amber, doesn’t walk into another dirty chainring.

It’s been nice to be out and about in the van, introducing myself to our customer base, and helping everyone to get out biking! Its been nice to have the input from customers on how they think we can make the business better, and this goes hand in hand with the big ideas and plans that Claire and I have…. watch this space!

We’ve also had an exciting week this week, and my previous contacts have brought us James Anderson on board, who is a professional downhill rider, competing in World Cup races and most UK elite races.

We’ve had a fun weekend in Wales testing bikes and getting prepared for the next race, whenever that may be… #covid.

It’s a very exciting time, and we feel very lucky to be his race support. Look out for the Spokey van at all the big events!

Can’t wait to see where the Spokey journey leads!

George The Bearded Bike Mechanic

One thought on “First 2 weeks in the Spokey Empire

  1. Hi Claire/George,

    Enjoyed reading your post, it was good and thoughtfully written, very professional, well done. Look forward to meeting with you George next Monday (all being well) and hearing some of your ideas going forward,

    Lyn Starkie😊

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