Taking a break!

For the last couple of years I’ve been running at a hundred miles an hour. This is my preferred way of doing things to be fair, but it is a bit tiring. Spokey Dokey was my passion, my baby and I’ve poured time and effort into it. But I work full time, I’m training for my first Ironman, I also volunteer, I look after my elderly doggos, and I’m dating Rob. So I’ve really needed some support and George has taken on that challenge and kept Spokey ticking over, but gradually I’ve had less time to dedicate to it. And now unfortunately George has decided to make some changes, he is gonna be a builder. No not a bike builder, an actual bricks and mortar sort of builder, leaving bikes behind for good. Best of luck and thank you for all the hard work George!

I’m starting a new job this month, so I need to have my head focused on that and so I can’t step in to cover. And for those of you in the know, you might be aware that our current lovely workshop behind the post office has planning permission to become a café. One of our grand plans was to have a bike shop/cafe but unfortunately that is not to be (just yet).

That leaves Spokey with no manager and pretty soon no home. So I’ve decided with all the other things I have happening in my life, now is a good time for a break. I’m going to use this time to have a think about the future of the business and then when I’m ready we’ll be back.

This means that the workshop will close, George finishes this week. So we will not be taking on any more work, thank you to all our loyal customers, I hope we’ll be back in some shape or form in the spring and that you’ll come back to us then. If you’ve got a bike in, then George will be in touch to sort out what happens after the 8th.

We might be doing different things or maybe it will be back to business as usual, but watch this space to see what we decide to do next.

From time to time we might get involved in a few things, because I love cycling and I just can’t help myself from getting involved. So if you’ve got something happening and think Spokey might add to to it, then drop me a line but likely only evenings and weekends and they get booked up pretty quickly.

This is not the end, just a short hiatus, whilst we plan the exciting next steps. Wish me luck!


Claire x

Key messages

Workshop to close from 8th July

Potentially relaunch Spring 2023

Fun weekend activities may be supported in the interim – email claire@spokeydokeybikes.co.uk

One thought on “Taking a break!

  1. I’m very sad that you are closing! Best wishes for everything that you do! Thank you to George and good luck in his new adventure. Me n the kids will miss the reassurance that we don’t need to worry if our bikes play up! Really hope that we’ll see you in 2023! Xxx


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