We have stock!

Okay, so it’s only a few inner tubes, but it felt like another present…

It’s my birthday (hooray!) so something else to open is nice.

Felt like I finally got to grips with a few really basic features of GIMP today and managed to mash together some payment icons (see below). I think they’re a bit too small but having already spent waaaaaayyyy too much time on them already, I’m just going to call it a victory (for now!)

We had a gander on t’interwebs yesterday and I managed to pick up a Hollowgram crank extractor for less than full price, which is nice. But then, an item on ebay caught my eye, it was something rather interesting… but very expensive! And beneficial? Lets just say i’m keeping my eye on it and you WILL hear about it in a future post (either way!)

We went to Whixley Fireworks on Saturday, lovely blaze and great fireworks and a good selection of ales. Tockwith fireworks last night were also good (but ran out of sausages!). As is always the case, the best fireworks by far were the five rockets we let off back home though. And sparklers (of course!).

Right, back to work – my Synapse is having a BB30 bearing refit. Now where did i put the seating compound…

Oh yes, pic is of the other vicious guard dog Amber, who is also a soft and hapless!

Chris out.

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