I’ve been told that unless you keep writing blogs people get bored and only have a short attention span anyway so you need to make it exciting and fast and might not even feel the need for punctuation ever.

But I like to buck the trend.

So, progress report, Matt got his newly serviced bike back and was very pleased and even let me name drop him in here. My Nana was 90 on Friday so yesterday was her party in Colne – great do and we think she enjoyed herself. Pantomime rehearsal went well (did I mention we’re in the Whixley panto?) Tickets!

Better still, the protagonist dropped a bike off this morning for a repair! Done and dusted, I took it back earlier and there was another bike in need of some TLC! We could make this work yet!

Claire keeps updating me on how many millions of followers we have on our various channels, whilst contemplating how to turn followers into customers. When (think positive) we hit 1 million followers, I will do a week of free services for everybody that comes to the shop and books in! There’s 66 million people in the UK, so we only need just over 1.5% of everybody in the country to like our tiny little business!

I got Linux to finally disable the touchpad whilst I type, you cannot imagine how irritating it is trying to type a blog when you keep brushing the touchpad and ending up with garbled words in thiddle of writinge m. Or highlighting a paragraph and typing to see it reduced to a single word! So, yes, I am a geek, but that is a result!

Sadly the 99p mouse doesn’t seem to have a functioning scroll wheel (xev shows no sent signal), ho hum, never mind.

We (Claire) has put together a Christmas Logo to bring us in line with the Christmas carnage shops get themselves into, so I thought i’d share that with you lucky people. She’s opted for a bit of red tinsel on her Cannondale and surely some on her Brompton (she’s not home yet!)

Finally I’m done wittering on about nothing much, that last bit of news, i’m sure you’ll be very excited that we will (probably) have hoodies for sale after Christmas! …what I mean by that is we were going to give some to family, but likely not all of them will actually want one (although I’m sure my Nana will – she loves a good hoodie?!?) It’s not that they aren’t supportive, they just don’t fancy one. Plus Stafford is a fair way out of our 20 mile radius free collection/delivery area. (Matt’s bike was an exception!)

Of course, in Stafford they will advertise them to another % of the population…

Chris out.

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