N+1 – Part 1 – Cora

I had a trip down memory lane last night. I was going through some old photos stuck in some dark recess of an old hard drive (as you do…) and found photos i’d completely forgotten about.

As I was on a roll, I thought i’d drag out some really old photos i’d recently re-discovered and finally get them scanned into the computer.

Then I wondered if you good people would be interested in the bikes I’ve had over the years? Probably not, but as purely egotistic, borderline narcissistic self indulgence, i’m going to do it anyway!

Starting with the first ever bike – a BMX style bike with 5 spoked plastic wheels and foam padding for the handlebars – and also my introduction to the faceplant…

Following on from that, my (younger) brother Robin got a new bike, a 26″ “proper” bike. But, it was too big for him, so I got an early birthday present! I already had the bug, so saved up and then bought and bodged STX-RC V-brakes onto it. It wasn’t quite up to the abuse I dished out, but was a good start!

At some point it died and there was a brief period with a really old BMX frame and the old 26″ bikes front fork and wheel… we called it the mini-freak…

And then along came a Scott Yecora…. Cora.

What…you don’t name your bikes? (I can’t remember the names of the first two).

I was very excited to get a new bike, I had my eyes set on a Kona NuNu, but it was a little bit beyond the budget, so instead I got the Scott.

I don’t have a picture of Cora in her former glory (although my parents might have one somewhere in amongst all the negatives!)

Whilst a great bike, she wasn’t really designed for dirt jumping, trials, tricks, skate parks and “yoof”-ful exuberance!! Then, disaster…

Cora was stolen from the Stafford Ghetto…

Luckily, she had very specific wheels, and when the scumbag thief took the bike to get “fixed” they just happened to go to the shop i’d bought it from, (Aztec Cycles in Stafford) who recognized the wheels. They didn’t however, recognize the bike. Unluckily, this was because it had been sprayed glittery purple and blue. Not a good look.


These aren’t the specific wheels – This is Cora’s back half a few months ago – and a typical scene in our house pre-bike shop! Bike components strewn all over… Destiny I feel! As you can see above, she’s still a mismatched jumble of parts, but she rides pretty well!



I got her back, but a few months had gone by and i’d managed to fund my next bike, and in a choice between the two….well, there was no choice really (does loyalty count for nothing?!?)

Cora’s story doesn’t end there, as you can see above, but that’s for another post!

Right……at this point I’ve nearly covered all the bikes, but I’d written it in one go. The post was monstrous. Lots of pictures of lots of bikes. As one post, it would read like War and Peace, and I can’t justify inflicting that upon you. So I’m splitting it up. I thought maybe one post per bike might be short enough? Also… I’ve never read War & Peace, is it really as drawn out as I think it is, or is it just another saying with no basis in reality… I wonder what Tolstoy would say?


Part 2 – 11:59, 23/12/18

Chris out.


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