Breeze About Whixley

In 2016 I trained as a ride leader for Breeze. What’s Breeze I hear you ask? Breeze is British Cycling’s programme to get more women cycling. They train volunteers like me to lead women-only bike rides. Usually this includes cake and a chat, although some rides are more challenging and a couple even had no cake!

I’ve led many rides in London, some Breeze and some for other groups like Barnet Cyclists (who are a really friendly bunch!).

Last year we moved out of the big smoke up to lovely, cherry blossom filled Whixley in North Yorkshire. Now settled into out new surroundings – and community, I’m ready to start leading some Breeze rides again. If you fancy going for a nice long country ride, or are considering dusting off an old bike and would like to build some confidence let me know in the comments.

I plan to run some rides on Saturdays when Chris is working, and if he’s free then I might run mixed Ride Social rides.

I’ll post my rides here and on facebook @breezewhixley. You can also find them on as well as loads of other rides to suit all sorts.

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