Spokey Dokey Bikes


And so it begins. I knew all along it would come to this. Ever since face-planting into the gravel road next to my house as a child, biking has been under my skin.

Spokey Dokey Bikes  came about sat on the sofa with a craft beer in hand (as all great ventures do).

“Lets run a bike shop when we retire”

“Good plan, it should have a cafe with cake and nice coffee”

“and do bike fitting”

“and fix bikes”

“and stock Hope”

Done, plan made, future mapped out, destiny laid.

….because everything always goes to plan.

So, here we are, sat on the same sofa. I’ve got two days left of my job as a mechanic in a bike shop. I’d briefly worked in a bike shop in my first year of uni, but that was a long time ago so it’s safe to say this is my first “real” job in a bike shop. I loved it!

The plan (as laid out) was not to work in a bike shop, it was to become a physiotherapist. I’d already done the two day bike fitting course (NJD Sports) and had the Medical Science degree, it made perfect sense. One problem, you need some physiotherapy experience to get on the course, to do the degree, to become a physiotherapist. So I apply, and apply, and apply and apply. At this time Claire was the sole bread winner and this made things at home tense. With the continued failure to get a job, the net was cast to other avenues. “Here’s a vacancy as a bike mechanic on facebook, you should apply.”

So I applied. And got the job. As a mechanic. I am a fanatical perfectionist. I’ve done it for years and have built, stripped down and rebuilt many, many bikes. (See pics!) Unfortunately, this does not necessarily make me commercially viable in a busy workshop. However, on the sales floor, I got to talk to people, about bikes, all day. Amazing.

So, I’m working in a bikeshop, for two more days, but, as I loved it so much, I’ve applied to work in another bike shop! We’ll see how that goes.

So where does Spokey Dokey Bikes come in?

Well, I’ve got the tools, the stands, the spare parts, the space, the time, the experience and the know-how to build and fix bikes, so why not start building the shop now, as a brand anyway.

“You could blog, review kit and let people know about our plans”

Good thinking Claire!

Chris out.

Update!! I didn’t get the job, so instead, i’ve taken the plunge. Domain secured, email addresses created, webpage…coming along, bank account opened, card reader ordered, business registered, phone number set up and laminator warming up! Here we go, wish me luck!

Chris out.

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