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Today we officially launched!

It wasn’t a grand affair (maybe we’ll have a Grand Party at some point in the future?) But we decided that 2nd of December would be the right day to start.

Our public liability insurance kicked in on the 1st and I was on a British Cycling Ride Leadership Level 1 course yesterday (in the rain). Got a bit soggy and cold, but now I’m allowed to lead a group of up to 8 people on  as far as 50 mile rides.

Then of course there was the Whixley Village Dance to keep us entertained in the evening.

So today. We’ve managed to pull together the vast majority of what we wanted to accomplish before launch.

We’ve got the bank account and payment methods sorted out, we’ve got many ways to get in touch. We’ve put up adverts. I’m tooled up and the “workshop” space is ready for action.

We even got the Christmas tree up! (It’s a baby due to space restrictions!)

There’s still a fairly big list of things we need to do, but it seems to be little bits of polishing instead of major tasks, which is good!

Claire led a ride yesterday (also in the rain) and then did her finance magic – so all the accounts are in perfect order, all receipts posted and invoices collected, stock accounted for, sales recorded etc.

How can we have sales if today is our launch I hear you ask?

We had a few eager customers who supported our pre-started business – which was great!

Currently, we’ve got a wheel rebuild, mudgaurd fitting, Bronze service and a full Gold service booked in – very exciting! We have also managed to supply a complete cable set and convert a tyre to tubeless. Not bad as a fledgling business (all before putting up any posters!)

So, we’re open, hello world, we’d love you to come and say hi!

4 thoughts on “The Launch Blog

  1. So you have to be certified to lead a ride?! What happens if you’re leading one of those eight person 50 mile rides and two people join you on the route, say they just bump into you… does the world end? Do the bicycle rider/mileage enforcement police haul you off to the hoosgow?!

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    1. According to our instructor both scenarios are possible, either the world ends, or the rider/milage stasi make you “dissappear”! British Cycling provide insurance for certified leaders covering the group and public liability, but only 8/50, so i guess the two extra riders wouldn’t be covered?!?

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      1. Ah! We’re ride at your own risk, though our club provides insurance for club rides (and only club riders). We don’t have to jump through the certification hoops, though. Interesting.


      2. There were a couple of club riders there, they said the club insurance again covered club members, but they wanted a qualified leader for the newer riders and anyone trying it out. Luckily the hoops were quite enjoyable this time!

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