I nearly accept it’s time…

So. I’ve done really well this year. Due in part to a partially self imposed hermit existence where I don’t leave the shop – I have managed to evade all Christmas songs (apart from Claire’s sabotages!)

My feelings on Christmas go a bit like this.

December is for Christmas. Nobody should even mention it until December.

And yet here I am, in November, writing a blog about it, knowing full well that Claire has already designed a Spokey Dokey Bikes Christmas logo!

Anyhoo, for anybody seeking some inspiration for secret santa/stocking fillers….

“Dear Customer (who just happened to be an exceptionally good friend from uni!), we would be pleased to assist you in your quest. I’ll do a list for you to choose from
1. [explicit in joke] bike lube…or a similar brand
2. Bicycle Pizza Cutter – Park do one for about £11 if you want to go upmarket!
3. A Buff/snood, probably bike themed.
4. Spokey 3.2mm (Red) Spoke Nipple Key (yes, i’m serious and yes, I have one and yes, it was the inspiration).
5. Bike beer. Any beer with a bike on it. (to open with your hope opener)
6. Hope bottle opener, for the most discerning drinker/biker (and a bit of wet&dry paper to take off the sharp edges)
7. Bicycle socks! Classic! Bamboo or Merino (On-One Thicky’s are my favourite)
8. Bicycle cleaning glove, really useful for a lighter cleaning/polishing!
9. Tyre levers (Pedros are really good)
10. “Gone Mountain Biking” sign. Just because”

So there we go! Hope it helps!

In other news, we also got our brand new branded Spokey Dokey Bikes hoodies and t-shirts today!! (This isn’t a merch drive, we’ve only got them for ourselves…..so far!)

Do you like the new hoodies? All comments appreciated!

So, in the next few days we should have some consistent branding!

Exciting times,

Chris out.







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