N+1 – Part 4 – Keileigh

So, with said cheque…

Enter Keileigh, my DMR Sidekick.



My favourite bike. There. I’ve said it. *sigh*

Tiggy was transferred to another owner and no doubt enjoyed transporting her new owner to and from her lectures in Cambridge!

“Other” factors had come on the scene since I bought Dizzy (4 wheeled, alcoholic and Tiggy’s new owner) so Keileigh cost less than Dizzy. She also weighed a lot more. Steel instead of Aluminium, Heavier duty parts all round and with a bit of Hacksaw Magic, a 2 speed set up, using a freehub spacer kit and an STS tensioner! Perfect and reliable! We made magic together. So did Keileigh and I!! XD


This is me! The only thing changed is the colour!! Hyde Park skate park in Leeds, circa…2006? …this is actually a still from a video we made, which has such a low frame rate there are 6 frames from the bottom of the hip, up and back down! Obviously this is the best one…

Anyway, due to excessive cycling abuse, I finally cracked the head tube on the frame. This was a very sad day. Poor Keileigh.

beloved old frame

Stripped down and heading back to DMR.

AND Merry Christmas to you all!

Part 5 – 11:59, 26/12/18, Boxing Day

Chris out.

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