N+1 – Part 5 – Sidney

DMR then very kindly sent me a replacement at cost price – Enter Sidney


Okay, so this isn’t actually Sidney. This beauty is one of the two monkey bikes we used to race on the streets of Woodhouse for beer tokens…

dmr pre stealagehalf constructedfinishedCIMG0830

So, this is actually Sidney and although it seems like it took me an absolute age to build this frame up (sunny in the first picture and pitch black in the last) I had other chores to do in the meanwhile! (Plus it was my first time installing Nokon Konkavex cables and Goodridge hoses!)

SRAM entered the arena! (and i’ve never looked back!) Then led to me trying to recapture what I used to be able to do! Although my trail riding got better, I never quite recaptured the skate, street and dirt skills…

Then she got stolen. From a locked private corridor. That only staff members had access to. With a lock on! It’s not as if they could sell or ride the bike, it’s got an RF datatag epoxied into the frame and the discs had my name laser cut in them.


The DH stands for Daniel Holdsworth not Down Hill!

Once again, she was insured. At this point I had been saving up to go travelling around Mexico (after university) so instead of a bike, I went travelling. But…

Part 6 – 11:59, 27/12/18

Chris out.

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