N+1 – Part 6 – An old friend

Sidney was gone, and that meant I had no bike!?!?! Mexico was still month’s away…unthinkable!

But wait… I still had a purple and blue glittery neglected bike! I restored Cora! First port of call, spray her black. Then, spare parts, any I could find, were recruited. I ended up with a lovely riding single speed black bike with mismatched…everything!


But I couldn’t find a picture of Cora in that state, so here instead is what I did to her after getting back from Mexico (once I’d earned a bit of money). Rapid rise 9 speed XT (it was cheap) with Sram attack shifters, Atomlab pedals, Truvativ cranks and a few random “spares”!

And off to Mexico…

Part 7 – 11:59, 28/12/18

Chris out.

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