N+1 – Part 8 – Lilly

This time a travel insurance cheque, and working for a year, I travelled around South America and then got a job. Moved to London, bought an On-One Inbred frame. Meet Lilly!



So, you might have noticed something of a transformation over these few photos. Lilly is a versatile beast! So, obviously the giant seatpost sticking miles out of the frame is not ideal, but, it did offer a great deal of flexibility and comfort – and was durable enough for me to ride to the 4 corners of the UK….bit of a LEJOG with a difference….

This one has a happy ending – I think….? Lilly is transformed once more into an X9, 27 speed proper mountain bike – Rock Shox forks and all – but she’s occupying my parents shed at the moment, set up for my Dad, who errrr, has used it once in the last…3(?) years.

Meanwhile….I upgraded before donating this beauty to my Dad…

Part 9 – 11:59, 30/12/18

Chris out.


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