N+1 – Part 9 – Evi

So, my upgrade – Evil Bikes, The Faction – Evi – yet another small steel hardtail (I think there’s a theme here…!)

Ride’s like a dream, a great play bike, but….for my commute to work…well, even with a dropper post she was just a touch too small!


So, this is actually a photo of my room in Rothehithe – with Lilly (with her Rock Shox) and also Evi, upside down awaiting her brand new forks!

1055TThese new forks!!! Finally! A pair of forks worthy of the rest of the parts on my bike! (Thanks to a tax rebate!! wooo!)


So, just over the wall, the shimmery looking surface, that would be the Thames… No prize for spotting what’s wrong with this bike….


And this is how I lock up my bike! Abus chain through the forks, front wheel and railing, New York D lock though the back wheel and railing, inside the rear triangle. Safe as houses! Of course, most railing in London have big “Do not lock your bike to these railing” notices…


This is actually a slightly older photo, but I wanted to show off the Hope brakes! I love Hope, I’m a total fanboy! If I could afford it, it would probably be all the shiny Hope goodies littered all over the bike!!

Aaaanyway, as I said earlier, for my commute, this was just a little too fun (but slow)…


Part 10 – 11:59, 31/12/18, New Years Eve!

Chris out.

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