N+1 – Part 10 – Shrovey

…Therfore, I took advantage of a bike show discount.

To expedite my commute, I had to suck up all my Them vs. Us mentality. I had to put my long held misconception of skinny tyred roadies aside……and take the plunge.

That and I just no longer bounce as well as I once did…


So here she is, Shrovey! (She arrived on Shrove Tuesday and my housemate picked it!)


The eagle eyed amongst you may notice …..a; an odd shaped seatpost, b; aerobars and c; did I really ride with my saddle at that angle???

Also, rim brakes? seriously….after year and years on hydraulic discs (as you’ve seen) these were far an away the hardest thing to get used to! SPD SLs, no problem, drop bars, no problem, brifters, no issue, but rim brakes……the horror!

This was my set up just before getting a Cobb JOF55 split nosed daddle, which I could set at a normal saddle angle – which I then did a triathlon on!

to be honest, it did take a bit of time getting used to a stiff carbon fibre racing frame, after having had small steel play bikes all those years!

But those rim brakes…

After a couple of years, I could take it no more, I wanted an upgrade (from Ultegra 6800? really?)

Oh yes….

Part 11 – 11:59, 01/01/19, New Year’s Day!

Chris out.

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