N+1 – Part 11 – Cassie

Here she is boys and girls! What a revelation!


A Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Red 22 Disc. This is Cassie.

So, this is lighter than the Planet X, comfier than the Planet X, has SRAM Red instead of Shimano (I did mention my preference) but most of all, the biggest most massive factor and the ultimate deciding reason to upgrade…..a green paint job.

I’m kidding, my favourite colour is red….

DISC BRAKES!!! And hydraulic ones at that!

I could once again stop in the wet! I could stop quickly. I had modulation, power, control and it felt so gooooooood!

Plus, she is fast! seriously fast. Fast enough so that if you overcook it on a patch of diesel, and your wheels slide, you go quite a long way!

If that long way happens to leave you on the pavement (ah the sweet embrace of tarmac) and your bike on the kerb, that’s not a good thing.

And that, ladies and gents, is why Cassie now sports a rather fetching eye patch!


£250 for a carbon repair was so much cheaper than ~£2k for a new frame. The workshop even showed me the ultrasonic scan before and after, they’ve done an amazing job.

I was given the option to get her re-painted back to  factory finish, but I think a few scars show a bit of character – and a rather unique identifying feature too!

Also, just before doing the White Rose Sportive earlier this year, I showed my true colours and added a bit of colour to the front….


I should probably point out that she’s always kept in a much cleaner state than this, but I never expected to get this far along with the posts, and I didn’t have any photos (that I could find – must be hiding in another dark recess of my hard drive/cloud/phone/elsewhere) so they’re brand new, just for you and i’d just been for a ride in the rain….(where I could stop!) Yippee!

Now, of course, I have two excellent bikes, so that’s all you need right?

Which brings us to the title of the post – N+1. This is the correct number of bikes to have.

I’ve got Lilly in Stafford, Evi, Cassie and Cora – and now Connie up here with me….but I really need a touring bike…and I really enjoyed the track cycling earlier this year…

and now to explain about Connie…

Also, Happy New Year! Claire, myself, our bikes and (the entity that is) Spokey Dokey Bikes wish you all the best for 2019!

Part 12 – 11:59, 02/01/19

Chris out.

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