N+1 – Part 12 – Connie

Which brings us to October…

N+1! I was given a frame years and years ago by a family friend who had no use for it. It had a seized bottom bracket and was quite battered.

What he hadn’t quite realized is that the frame is a Kone Fire Mountain, made by Joe Murray – a designer and racer of some of the very first real mountain bikes – and quite a find!

Regardless, it lay tucked away in my parents shed until we finally had space in the car to bring her (and an assortment of wheels, parts, racks, panniers – and Cora) up to Yorkshire! We’d finally hired a secure unit to store various overflow “stuff”!

The time had come, Connie would be reborn!


So, here she is! Clipless pedals, simple single speed, Avid Single Digit Levers, and best of all Original Kona Project Two Forks!!! They were quite hard to source, but also something I’d wanted to get my hands on since I saw them in the hallowed pages of MBUK alllll those years ago when this whole “pedal cycling thing” kicked off!

She even has my BRG Brookes B17 touring saddle on (for now) – and, of course, a Hope seat clamp!

A lovely ride, and the latest edition to the flock!

Part 13 – 11:59, 03/01/19

Chris out.



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