Incentives. And shiny.

So, it’s been ages since I’ve done a post (which is bad practice i’m led to believe). People get bored, etc, etc…

But, with good reason!

This blog “thing” is primarily for SEO, Google rankings, brand engagement and is in no way at all, most definitely not about self indulging fantasies about being an inspirational Tolstoy of a generation… Certainly not.

Besides, I had to look up what “impertubability” meant. I would have gone with unflappable, so Tolstoy I aint!

(I’m going with Tolstoy as I quite enjoyed reading Anna Karenin during my recent hospital stay.)

There’s nothing wrong, they were looking for a brain. Alas, the diagnosis is “missing”.

Scarecrow continues; So, although there may be some truth in what the blog is for, truthfully I quite enjoy exploding my thoughts on here and subjecting you to them!

Like the bench. It’s a cool bench, inside the grounds of Knaresborough Castle a few miles away… Good story eh?

As you all know, I very rarely go off on wild tangents…

Incentives! Claire set incentives for me to ensure the business succeeds (as if that’s not incentive enough!) After £1,000 of takings I’m allowed to buy a new seatpost.


Oh look, a new seatpost! (on the chair next to me awaiting installation!)

Also “ooo shiny” – which I apply to any object, oft mechanical, typically bike related, that I would like. Or appreciate. Or is shiny (even if it’s matt carbon or grey).

So, we’ve reached the heady heights of having taken £1,000 since 2nd December when we opened. Not too bad. We’re now running at a net profit of minus £2,000. Ish, Win? Claire said something about “assets” but I got distracted by some bikes riding past…

It doesn’t stop there! The £2k incentive is a new Rockshox Reverb lever – the one where they realised nobody is running front derailleurs on mountain bikes, why don’t we use a front derailleur paddle to operate the post. That one. (Reverb being a hydraulically operated telescopic seatpost on my mountain bike – obviously!?!?) As Sram and Rockshox are one and the same anyway and I like the Sram levers, being able to actually press it enough to move the post would be a win (i’ve told you before, feeble hands!) Also shiny!

Then both the price point and the cost increase. Substantially. To £10,000. Firstly we should be making actual positive net profit – even I can’t spend that much on tools. (This is a lie, easy!) Secondly, wow, we surely have a customer base now. Thirdly (if this happens this year) I’m nearly making enough to pay rent…. The incentive? (Rent would be a good start, but the lady is kind..) Sram HRD Wi-Fli etap!! A cool £1.3k ish. So, electronic wireless gears for my beloved Cassie! Ooooooo, shiiiiiny! The ability to change gears with feeble hands can’t be overlooked, even for that much!

That also explains a bit of why the blog has been neglected. I was doing the mechanic “thing”.

I built a wheel (my first on an electric hub), I renovated (and sold) a bike. I sorted out a touring bike with exploding tyres. I serviced two kids bikes, a Trek, a Giant, a Specialized, a Pinncale, a Raleigh, a Dawes, etc etc…! Brilliant!

This morning i’ve had a very productive day. I picked up a bike needing a bit of TLC on the other side of York, I dropped off a bike a bit closer to home and I picked up something a bit special (ized). Di2 and an aero post had me rummaging for the charger and the clamp insert. Looking forward to giving it the (s-)works!!

And with that, the four bikes in the house (Claire’s taken her Brompton this morning), and the seven bikes in the garage await!

Oooo, did I mention I found a couple of photos? One of Cora in her former glory being held by the French exchange guy, Charles (left) with Robin and Rosie (brother and sister) also in frame. (Rosie will kill me for this!)


And the other of Cora after being stolen, spray painted and returned. Being ridden over a bench. As you do.


Nice stem. And where’s my helmet?…tut tut… Also featuring Dad’s shoulder…

Needless to say, these are ancient photos (and the front tyre sits on the seat – i’m not mid-faceplant!)

I should say “come and book your bike in”. But you know that already. See you soon.

Chris out

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