How not to write a blog

Mistake number 1 – infrequent posts

Build up some interest, get people following your posts, capture the imagination and then stop.

Pretty much exactly what I’ve done here. Not on purpose, you understand. I have become a victim of my own success!

Okay, that could be slightly over exaggerating, but Claire’s sales forecast for January were 4 happy customers.

We’ve had 17 happy customers (not including 3 with multiple bikes!) SEVENTEEN! That’s mental! I’m pleased, really pleased – but it’s kept me busy – and our suppliers!

I’ve even found myself waiting for parts, so now we’ve increased our stock level (The stock that we weren’t going to hold…)

It’s the 1st February so we start the count again. I’ve got one to work on and five awaiting instruction – and two of those are long term [before the next ice age] “spares” for my cousin.

I say long term, but the photo was our place this morning!

The non-toxic Mercury substitute has dropped to -8 (Celsius) over the past few days, which (for us in the UK) is friggin cold! Now, finally, we have some snow!

But, as I say, I’ve been busy, spanner wagging away in my warm workspace.

It’s Friday, so I should be working…but I worked Wednesday, and it’s been so long since i’ve actually managed to get out on a bike (aside from test rides)! I’ve got my warm gear at the ready, i’m eyeing up the snow….dropping my tyre pressure…wondering if I should get some ice spikes in 700c (i’ve got them in 26″ – and no, 26 ain’t dead!)

Fortunately, I have a customer who wanted some brake pads delivering – and Claire’s taken the car, what a shame 🙂

Then, tonight, assuming I survive the snow…. PANTO!

Actually the second night – myself and Claire are both in the Whixley Village Pantomime!

Oh no you’re not…etc, etc…

Treasure Island – an unusual choice, but great fun!

Claire has a starring role as Lilly, the love interest and one of the protagonists, with a solo song and lots of lines…..and I play pirate number 1, with one line…

Okay, I also play Governor Moneybags and Chief Running Water, but Claire’s the star!

Last night went really well, but the stakes are higher tonight with a bigger audience (and all the family!)

If anyone reads this today, and comes down tonight to Whixley Village Hall (you can get tickets on the door) – we’re running an advert in the programme which may well be worth your while if you’re thinking of getting a service any time soon…. It would have to be tonight though, as Saturday’s matinee and night are sold out!!

Anyway, with that… I resolve to post more regular updates and I’m going for a ride!

Chris out.

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