I survived!

We both survived the Panto, people liked our advert and we gave out several business cards.

Today, one of those materialised, which is always nice.

Not that we’ve been struggling for customers. Quite the contrary! We’ve been inundated! Perhaps it’s been too cold, people have been inside and remembered they had bikes?? Whatever it is, long may it continue, but…. storage is becoming a problem and Claire has recently noticed it’s much harder to navigate the house….

Most of the 4 bikes i’ve sorted today have been really well behaved, pedals have come off, cassettes have been removed, even the stuck seatpost was unstuck (with a breaker bar clamped in the seatpost). One bike however….is going to be a problem I think…

We’ll see if the penetrating freeze spray manages to work it’s magic tonight – otherwise I think we may have to take drastic measures 😦

Also our “more” stock that we got hasn’t arrived yet, so there are 5 bikes that can quite quickly be sorted that are waiting for parts!

The highlight however has been a steel Hahanna Race Light Kona. With the original Project Two forks as well!! It’s not a Joe Murray signature version (like my Fire Mountain) but it’s also in much better condition and is a lovely bike! Best of all it’s been looked after and only needs a brake pad replacing.

I’ve got another steel bike in which is also really lovely……and a couple of aluminium.

Nahh, they are all lovely bikes (except one Apollo that is orange everywhere – not just the paint!)

Which I suppose is a tenuous link to financial viability. The Apollo is not. (Sorry) This has been explained and I’ve given an estimate anyway (sentimentality adds an extra dimension). I needs so much work and so many new parts, it comes to more than the bikes original brand new price. Hats off to the people in China, i guess.

We, seem to be. Last month we made more money than I had spent on tools. Just. This month I’m running out of tools to buy, so we’ll probably do quite well – in fact, at this rate we will probably be close to turning an overall profit (covering all costs of the venture so far).

At which point the reality dawns that the next purchase will not be as easy to cover.

Our car – The SpokeyDokey-mobile (actually called Enola) is now 10 years old, has done quite a lot of miles, has real issues with the rear calipers, eats brake pads, refuses to re-gen the DPF unless forced and has leaky window seals (and subsequently needs the doors periodically draining….). It’s also transpired that to collect bikes (plural) I can realistically only fit two in at a time. Although with lots of removed wheels and padding and delicate manoeuvring we have had four bikes, a dog cage and a canvas castle (tent?) in the car, it also takes a long time.

So the next purchase. SpokeyDokeymobile v2.0.0, which we may call Valerie?? Either way, it’ll be a red van. Transit Custom is our current line of thinking, but we’ll see. My concerns about economy seem to be totally unfounded as any van newer than ten years old is more economical than our car – and if we take eating brake pads (and the wasted fuel from that) into consideration it makes good sense. Plus it looks much more professional (to compliment our service!)

Couple with that I was driving Transit customs around central London and greater Londonshire (shhh) and I get on really well with them. We’re not allowed blue lights on ours though. (One of the drivers, Martin “Two-Tone” fitted them to his car – then got caught, fired and jailed….)

Oh, the picture? Sally’s back (for her free service) – My brother’s Christmas present! (Although he tried to use the “£5 off a service” voucher we printed in the panto programme!) Cheeky sod!

Claire’s home, time to clear up!

Chris out.



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