The price of popularity!

As is now becoming apparent, this blog thing is not working for me. The “regular” posts I’m meant to do to keep you hooked and wanting more are somewhat lacking.

It’s as if I’ve been busy or something?!? I thought I should have a tea break – so this is it! I have….13 bikes, awaiting a bit of attention and care. Now, even I can’t get away with having 13 bikes in our living room, so some of these are confirmed bookings, as well as 2.5 long term projects, as well as 2 pending and 3 to be confirmed.

Needless to say, business is good!

Carnage also seems appropriate, yet I’m still grateful for every customer!

So, before the tea gets cold, news in brief.

We got a van – the promised SpokeyDokeyMobile upgrade happened – we said so long to the Mazda and instead got a Big RED Transit Custom. It’s great! Having driven the high roof version of this around London, it’s fairly familiar (albeit with less blue lights and a lacklustre siren/horn)

Anyway, that should really be the picture for this post really.

Then we also got logos for it, much quicker than anticipated – well done creative director Claire!

AND THEN, we got racking for it, to hold four bikes. Bikestow, which Claire saw on demo in York (and we entered a competition to win). We didn’t win, so we had to pay for ours…

Really impressed with it. For some reason we seem quite credible rocking up in our new van with our hoodies and our bike storage racks.


I’m sure plenty more had happened, but Claire’s just walked in, and I’ve got a hub strip down to finish!

Chris out!



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