My accountant cracks down!

It has been brought to my attention that I am too cheap. Claire, customers, other shops have all commented. People started giving me tips as they thought it was too cheap. I’d name a price and they would haggle me up.

SO, I’ve listened to the masses, taken it on board and raised our prices to £30 instead of £25 for a Bronze service. In my eyes this just means I need to do extra bits to justify it. (Claire said I did that anyway!)

So, I’m sorry, but there it is, the inevitable that I was trying to avoid.

Aside from that, business is good. We’re just about on top, we’ve not currently got any “tricky” bikes in (all seized and rusty) – which is great and means i’m being spoilt.

It also means I nearly have enough time to do a mini-post. You know how those usually turn out…

I wanted to mention the Ride London-Surrey100 which I was unfortunate enough to be part of last weekend.

Hear me out (especially if you entered the ballot and didn’t get in!) You dodged a bullet.

This was Claire’s fifth time and my third time, all previous years have been pretty good, even if a bit damp. This year has the weather on it’s side – and I think this was part of the problem. It was massively oversubscribed. The organisers clearly expected thousands to drop out. I don’t think they did. This led to real problems with over-crowding. Drinks stations running out of water. Feed stations being closed. Running out of medals at the finish!

Running out of water? Seriously? So, with 30,000 peopled paying £79 each (that’s £2.3million) you can’t afford to provide adequate quantities of water? Pathetic.

That wasn’t the  biggest problem. Having paid the entry fee, you would expect to ride 100 miles, right? Not so. For all of you who know how much fun it is to walk in cleats, how would you feel about walking 2 miles? What, not on board!?!

We were first stopped before Newlands corner, they were trying to get an ambulance through, and let me be clear I have no problem with that at all. Totally understandable. The ambulance got through, everybody carried on, happy as you like.

For a while.

Then we were stopped again, and again, and again…getting beyond a joke. Leith Hill had a tree fall across the course? What?? So they closed that part of the course off. You then had everybody from Leith Hill and everybody who’d been diverted, merging, with the subsequent congestion you would expect. From that point on it was stop-start. Stopping on Box Hill for most people meant walking the rest of the way, a real shame.

Through Leatherhead the stewards were trying to ease the congestion. They did this by stopping everyone. Then letting them go for about 50 metres, then stopping then again. and so on and so on. How exactly that was meant to ease congestion I will never know.

On the plus side…I got to walk around with Claire. Apart from that though.. Event wrecked by greed, more riders, more money, no thought to the consequence.

Never mind, next year we’ll just do a sportive in Yorkshire for much less money, on much nicer routes, with much better hills. The Glorious North!

Rant over. Good to get that off my chest!

My battery died so I don’t have any photos, so until I get a photo off Claire i’ll just throw up a photo of a box of bits…

Got it, there we go, the WalkLondon-Surrey100….



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