Crown Flu…

Hello everybody, hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

So, there’s this Corona Virus thing hogging all the news at the moment, so I thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and put up our own statement.

I’ll try and keep this lighthearted as we can all do with less doom and gloom.

First thing’s first. Trees and plants are immune to COVID-19, as is the Sun, and the Earth. Spring has sproinged! Sun’s shining, flowers blooming, trees slowly refoliating!

Now it’s sprung and everybody is stuck at home! Bad timing. It’s a great time to re-evaluate just how good it is to be in the great outdoors and how much it’s taken for granted.

Although it’s distasteful to say so, this could be just the wake up call needed to get more people out on bikes. I haven’t had to say anything, in the last two days I have had bookings skyrocket, I have had more people than ever call in at the shop.

Which is great on the one hand, and much more of a risk on the other hand.

For those of you who know me, i’m not exactly the kind of person easily ruffled. My approach to personal safety is… somewhat lax at times. However, the safety of other people – customers, the community, friends and family is another matter entirely.

To that end, anyone coming into the shop will be disinfected with disc brake cleaner…

Hmmm, that’s not a great idea either…

But, if you’ve got or had the lurgy recently, if you could do us a favour and not come in, that would be grand.

As for bikes, I always clean them anyway, so it’s a case of more gloves, more hand cleaning and not losing our heads.

We are continuing to collect and deliver bikes to customers. We’re not going to shake your hand (sorry!). No hugs either… We will be emailing invoices with online payment links (and bank details as usual). We’d prefer to be paid using these methods as it’s easier than disinfecting the card reader every time or quarantining cash for 72 hours!

Similarly, if we get the plague, it’s our social responsibility to stop collections and deliveries and self isolate for two weeks – we don’t want to contribute to the madness…!

Had we know it would explode like this, we would have invested in the crashing stock market. Our A-Z of top picks; Andrex, ASDA – Zoom, Zwift! Toilet paper, Supermarkets, Video conferencing and Indoor cycling… sure fire winners!

Anyway, that’s it, just my two pence….

Stay safe

Chris out.



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