Tandems, Vouchers, Staff!!

It’s been ages since i’ve written anything. There is a good reason! As of time of writing we are booked up until 24th September!! I’m choosing to pop this up this fine sunny morning because i suspect tomorrow I will be replying solidly to emails and enquiries!

At 11:45pm today the “Fix My Bike” [Call] voucher [Call] scheme will go live – the news coverage has been [Call] brilliant and running alongside that story is that doctors are now allowed to prescribe cycling! Amazing! [E-mail]

So, what this means is [Whatsapp] people are booking their bikes in, to use vouchers once they get them. Now booking for the 28th…

[E-mail] 29th.. [Doorbell]

We’ve taken on our first employee – Cinthia who we brought in initially to clean bikes, freeing up me to work on them. We’ve trained her up a bit and she’s now sorting punctures, removing chains, cassettes, pedals, seatposts and wheels – cleaning them and put them back on. Our wage costs have obviously gone up, but so has our throughput and there’s no shortage of work!

Sorry to say it, but there have been winners in these times!

We’ve also had to (sort of) expand our premises….we bought a tent and sacrificed the drive for it. It’s primarily for cleaning without making a mess inside although it’s also got a work bench (that was previously in the garage) so i finally have a vice to hand!!

The tandem bit, we’ve now serviced three tandems and got ourselves in the local village newsletter to boot!

Wow, there’s been a lull, I managed all of that without a single email or call!

That’s all for today

Chris out.




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